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Help needed for the disabled in Fr.Jeya’s parish Zimbabwe

Fr.Jeya disabled

Fr.Jeya has a great concern for the disabled children. Some of these children are blind and others deaf. He is using his pastoral centre building to give them accommodation to attend school in the nearby Fatima school. The building is very  basic and he wants to upgrade it to give hot water and heating and indoor cooking facilities. In Zimbabwe the temperature can fall to 0 degrees in the winter. At the same time we would like to give hot water and heating to Fr.Jeya’s house. Please help us to help these disabled children and Fr.Jeya their best friend by donating now via  Many thanks for your support.

Training in Intensive Care in Uganda

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Every hospital has to have a special area where the sickest patients can receive  effective care with a good ratio of nurses to patients. This can be called an intensive care unit or high dependency unit or recovery ward. We are doing our best to train anaesthetists and nurses to care for our very sick patients in the intensive care unit and training is an essential on going process.