Monthly Archives: November 2013

Fr.Jeya’s students need a few beds and some heating in the hostel


Zimbabwe is far south of the Equator so they have a winter season where in the night it can be very cold and water can freeze in unheated buildings. Fr.Jeya’s hostel for his students needs a few beds and some heating. Help us to get his students off the floor and warm in the winter so they can be undistracted in their studies. Help us to give them a future.

Tetanus patient goes home

tetanus pttetanus pt 3

Most men who develop tetanus at the age of over 50 rarely survive. They have little immunity as they do not get any maternity immunisations in early life. This man survived and is going home and came from the general ward to thank the ICU staff. A special moment for all for which we thank God.

CPAP machine in action


Our CPAP machine is able to give a set percentage of oxygen in air at a set pressure. With the added pressure we are able to reduce the concentration of oxygen while still improving the baby’s oxygen blood content. In premature babies too much oxygen can be dangerous. We thank the donors who have given us a machine that can help the smallest and weakest babies in northern Uganda.